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The Convene Community is where you will learn how people are using Convene Communities. We will highlight different communities, group leaders, and members in weekly interviews. We will also discuss how different people like YouTubers, Podcasters, Coaches, Counselors, Bloggers, Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs and more can succeed with the Convene Ecosystem.

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What is Convene?

At Convene Communities, we believe that we all have a story and a purpose. In life, we learn through experiences. Convene Communities is all about Real Life, Real People, Real Experiences.

We have created a platform that allows you to Connect, Collaborate, Communicate, and Educate all in one spot.

Our site is built for you and your members to collaborate and grow. People want to be seen, heard, and validated. They also want to work with people they know, like, and trust. It is no longer good enough to not be in an environment where we cannot lift each other up and share our experience and knowledge with one another.


What sets Convene Communities apart from all other on-line learning platforms?

Well … everything! Convene offers a variety of features that every user can use in their own unique way.

A sports coach using Convene with their team will be able to use the Announcements feature to communicate upcoming events and important information. She can also use the Group’s Experiences to have the team watch video clips of their games and have a dialogue with her players throughout the week – without being in the same place! And, if the coach wants to share ideas for off-season training, she can do so by creating a module for the team to follow, forcing the players to complete one day’s workouts before moving on to the next day.

A financial investor is able to use Convene to sell his "Guide to Financial Wellness" course by creating a Premier Group for those highly financially motivated. He can use the Discussion Board to keep running commentary between him and his members on daily stock information. He can also use the Blog to continue to post relevant articles for his members to use in their daily lives.

A small business will thrive with the robust features Convene Communities has to offer.

Convene Connect will keep the business customers and clients in order and allow for easily setting up important business meetings. The same small business can also use the Experiences for their Health and Safety programs, ensuring each employee properly learns the necessary techniques for maintaining a safe work environment. By using the surveys and tests at the end of the experiences, the business can ensure their employees are well-educated in the needed areas of concern.

These are simply a few ways that Convene Communities separates itself from all others learning platforms.

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Scale Your Coaching Business
As a solopreneur, your time is valuable. It can be a challenge to scale your business in a way that doesn’t require that you trade time for money. Convene offers you a way to leverage technology and build a scalable business without sacrificing the engagement that makes people feel like they are a part of something special.
Matthew Currin
Compensation With Convene
This experience will show you all of the different ways that you can make a living with Convene Communities
Matthew Currin
What is Convene with Matthew Currin?
What is Convene with Matthew Currin? This experience gives you the history and background of where came from. It will also allow you to interact with Matthew and Brayden Currin to ask questions and learn more about Convene.
Matthew Currin
How Content Creators can use Convene Communities
This Experience covers how those who create their own content can make the most of the Convene Communities platform
Brayden Currin
Creating Your Profile In Convene
Creating Your Profile
Matthew Currin
Creating Groups
This experience will explain groups within Convene Communities.
Matthew Currin
Creating an Experience
Matthew Currin
Experiential Learning
We learn by doing!
Shaina Marie Afful
Everyone has a Story- Matthew Currin
Everyone has a Story- Matthew Currin
Matthew Currin
How YouTubers can use Convene Communities
This Experience offers insight on how YouTubers can use the Convene Communities
Brayden Currin
How Bloggers can use Convene Communities
This Experience connects the dots on how bloggers can take advantage of the Convene Communities platform by creating, housing, and even selling content all in one place!
Brayden Currin
How Non Profits can use Convene Communities
This Experience offers insight on how Non Profit organizations can use Convene Communities to benefit their cause
Brayden Currin
How entrepreneurs can use Convene Communities
This Experience covers how entrepreneurs can use Convene Communities to grow their business
Brayden Currin
How Network Marketers can use Convene Communities
This Experience covers how Network Marketers can leverage the Convene Communities platform
Brayden Currin
How podcasters can use Convene Communities
This Experience covers how Podcasters can use Convene Communities
Brayden Currin
Online Course Creation Workbook
If you are having trouble taking the first steps to create your online course, this is the experience for you. Download the workbook and follow along in the video. In as little as an hour you could have the outline for your first class! Are you ready to start creating content?
Melinda Kroeze
How Communities Work
How Communities work within Convene Communities.
Matthew Currin
Become An Affiliate
Become an Affiliate in three easy steps
Matthew Currin