Convene Groups
by Matthew Currin

Convene was designed with you in mind.

Matthew Currin took military practices of information sharing and learning through experiences and made these concepts practical to everyday life. So no matter if you are a coach of youth sports, a parent or a photographer this application is designed for you. Convene uses groups to allow people to communicate, collaborate and educate within the platform. 

  • Convene is a community based platform that allows like-minded individuals to come together in a place where they share the same interest as others.
  • Convene is Free to all public users. Members have the ability to create free groups and experiences.
  • Members can create private groups where their members can join for Free.
  • Convene allows individuals to sell content through their premier membership. Content providers can set their own price for members in unlimited premier groups.

Convene Communities is a multifaceted application with a variety of potential uses. The Convene platform is an empty shell with which you can:

  • Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate with individuals just like themselves for FREE
  • Create Private groups, housing exclusive content, interaction and information for their members
  • Create Premier groups in order to interact and continue the conversation with your tribe, while giving you the ability to sell your content on your own termSell your content on Convene for a price that you can afford.

Convene is different because you already know that within a Community you are joining groups that have people with the same interest as you. Convene encourages you to join as many groups as you would like and interact with others through:

  • the group message board
  • join the groups subgroups
  • take the experiences assigned to your new group
  • Connect with other members within that group by going to the Group Member page. (Just another reason why the profile is so important!)

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