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Convene Coaching with Eugene Brown

Eugene Brown Jr

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Connect, communicate, and collaborate with a top business coach and stock trading millionaire.

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This group is to connect, communicate, collaborate with yours truly. Discover how you can communicate with me across all platforms. Find out what I'm working on and be informed first on events that may just put money in your pocket. The group is also about providing a place to help new Convene members learn the skills, concepts, and activities that are helping aid in my success. I will provide free experiences and coaching for those that wish to go next level.

IDBHnNPitmpkf0j4TvHM1JP7nSlAwwaE7Q8CAk7j.png      Successful people understand the value of alignment.

Understanding the Convene Communities platform will be the first step to putting more money in your pocket. Once you understand it, then it's time to learn to LEVERAGE the system. If you possess the necessary drive and ambition we can now marry that with your beliefs and activity.

Finally when we iron out your goals we will be well on our way. There's more to it. But if you can learn to leverage time, technology, and people, you can not only create value for them but reap the rewards along the way. My goal is to show you how I am getting it done and help you to do the same.


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