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Convene allows podcaster to continue the conversation with their listeners.

Group Information

Podcasters are a type of digital artist with thoughts, commentary, or expertise on a particular topic who's preferred communication format has audio focus. Typically podcasters are subject matter experts that cater to a niche group of listeners they are extremely comfortable behind a microphone open and engaging people who are looking for an independent way to get their message out there to build a community of people with similar interests. 

People podcast for a variety of reasons most notably to stand up and be heard. because it's relatively easy to set up and get started podcasting many have found freedom and creating their content by speaking about topics that interest them. podcasting is still widely unregulated so really anything goes and there are no rules no write-ups no blog post no text just you and your microphone and your story.

Other people pick up podcasting as a way to make money or to support their business ventures. podcasting is a fantastic form of marketing helping to get the word out about other services they may provide. smart podcasters leverage their podcast to increase sales of products and services that they're already offering by offering discounts to those who subscribe or listen. while it all sounds like fun and roses podcasting is still a challenge. initially, you're going to have lots of questions for the people who have come before you. coming up with new content may be a challenge while getting and sticking to a regular posting schedule especially while you're trying to reach new listeners and Things Are slow-growing. at the end of the day, podcasters have the same problems as any other business owners needing to build new audience for the lowest dollar possible.

Can Convene impact podcasters?

Convene offers a platform to podcasters to collaborate with other podcasters. this will range from others who were just getting started all the way to veteran podcasters looking to share their experiences. convene offers podcasters the ability to have open discussion with their audience in a conversational way. one of the best ways to research new topics for podcasters is to engage with their listeners and convene provides an all-inclusive organized platform to continue the conversation around Topic receive feedback and learn what your audience might be interested in learning about next.

Podcasters can also create their own community based on their brands where they can make announcements and updates regarding their publishing schedule their content all while exposing your content to a larger niche audience. using convene as a platform to share your podcast is easy and we have all the training that you need to monetize quickly while still keeping your content free-- the secret is in our Premier group structure allowing you to host exclusive paid content for your listeners. you will also find Unlimited share-ability on any other social media platform or anywhere else on or offline.

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Matthew Currin

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Brayden Currin

Eugene Brown Jr

Carrie Walters

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