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Are you looking for the 'complete online ecosystem' to sell your content? Convene allows you to set your price and sell your content all in one place.

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Convene Communities is the 'Complete Online EcoSystem'

Content Creators are digital artists with a passion for education at heart. They build their business by creating EBooks, Courses, Seminars, classes, etc. that share their views, knowledge, commentary, or expertise on a particular topic. Typically, Content Creators are passionate subject matter experts that cater to a niche group of learners. They are typically ones who shy away from live podcasting or video content like on Youtube. They are individuals looking for an independent way to share their wisdom and build a community of individuals with similar passions and interests. 

People create content for a variety of reasons, but perhaps most notably they do this to pass the knowledge that has benefitted them on to others who need to hear it. As it's relatively easy to set up and started, many have found freedom in creating their content around topics that interest them. Content Creators often have complete autonomy over their creative process from conception of the idea, to research and development, to editing, to graphic design and delivery. It is also relatively simple for Content Creators to sell their courses to customers as there are hundreds of platforms to choose from. However, most of these platforms are extremely costly and limited in functionality.  

Content creating is a fantastic form of marketing that helps promote products, services and even high ticket offers. Smart creatives often leverage their content to boost sales by offering discounts to those who 

regularly consume their content. Consistently creating fresh content on a tight schedule can be quite difficult while simultaneously hunting for new buyers to boost their audience. At the end of the day, content creators have the same problems as any other business owners-- time and budget constraints, coupled with the need to continually build an audience for the lowest dollar possible.

Why Convene? We are a platform where content creators can connect, communicate and collaborate with other creatives of all types. This ecosystem will range from rookies who are just getting started all to veteran creatives looking to share their experiences and wisdom. It also includes creatives that use other modalities to get their content out-- bloggers, podcasters and YouTubers. Our experience-based shared learning platform allows meaningful interaction to happen. Convene gives creatives the ability to have an open dialogue with their audience and other creators in a conversational way. One of the best ways to research new topics for creators is to engage with their audience. We provide an all-inclusive, organized platform to continue the conversation around topics, receive feedback and learn what audiences might be interested in learning about next.

Creatives can also create their own Convene Community based on their brand, where they can make announcements and updates regarding new content, publishing schedule and other updates, all while exposing your content to a larger niche audience. Using convene as a platform to share content is easy and we have all the training needed to help monetize quickly, while still keeping your free content free-- the secret is in our Premier group structure allowing you to host exclusive paid content for your closest following. You will also find unlimited share-ability features linked to any other social media platform or anywhere else on or offline.

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