Convene Communities is where you will learn how people are using Convene. We will highlight different communities, group leaders, and members in interviews. We will also discuss how different people like YouTubers, Podcasters, Coaches, Counselors, Bloggers, Network Marketers and Entrepreneurs can succeed with the Convene Ecosystem.

Content Creators

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Are you looking for the 'complete online ecosystem' to sell your content? Convene allows you to set your price and sell your content all in one place.

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Creators can use Convene to earn in many ways:

  • Convene Groups
  • Offer exclusive content and charge for it.
  • Take advantage of a team of affiliates ready to sell your content
  • Engage with your audience by continuing the conversation in your Convene group.
  • Grow your sales in a targeted community of people interested in your course.

Learn, network, and collaborate with other creators.

Offer exclusive content and charge for it.

Creators can create a group in a community that fits their content or create their own community based on their brand where they can make announcements and updates regarding their course offerings all while exposing those courses to a larger niche audience. Using Convene as a platform to share your products is easy, and we have all the training that you will need to increase the likelihood of success.

The secret is in our Premier group structure allowing you to host exclusive paid content for your target audience. You will also find unlimited shareability features that will drive exposure and more sales opportunities.

Watch this short video to hear our thoughts on how Content Creators can utilize Convene Communities: 

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Matthew Currin

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Brayden Currin

Eugene Brown Jr

Carrie Walters

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