Convene Communities is where you will learn how people are using Convene. We will highlight different communities, group leaders, and members in interviews. We will also discuss how different people like YouTubers, Podcasters, Coaches, Counselors, Bloggers, Network Marketers and Entrepreneurs can succeed with the Convene Ecosystem.

Convene Business Academy

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The Convene Business Academy will walk you step by step through the process of turning your ideas into cash!

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This group is for anyone who wants to learn how to develop online products or services from their passions and expertise. Join Carrie Walters for this journey toward business development, growth and success online using Convene Communities.

My aim for the convene community is to bring my expertise in automation, process planning, and simplification to the forefront, making Convene an easy answer for any small business owner that needs a place to call home. Through sharing our experiences, we can all stand to grow from eachother-- when we choose to collaborate, the potential outcome is literally limitless. Are you ready?

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Brand School*
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Carrie Walters

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