Convene Communities is where you will learn how people are using Convene. We will highlight different communities, group leaders, and members in interviews. We will also discuss how different people like YouTubers, Podcasters, Coaches, Counselors, Bloggers, Network Marketers and Entrepreneurs can succeed with the Convene Ecosystem.

How To Use Convene

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This group will walk the user through how to use the different elements of Convene Communities

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The Convene concept allows you to join communities for FREE with other members that have similar interests.

This is different from other social media platforms where all interests are lumped together. 

Convene offers a platform for Podcasters, Trainers, YouTubers, and Bloggers can continue a conversation and allows people to interact with your content in a new, exciting way.

This group will walk you through how you can use Convene. We will teach you about the functionality of the '7 Steps of Convene Communities' through quick video tutorials. 

Convene brings us together to share our experiences in specific communities with people that have the same passions and interests. Whether it is a love of books, cars, or soccer, Convene is a place where those who want to learn and those who want to share their knowledge can come together in one place.

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Matthew Currin

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