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Matthew Currin

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Take Flight Entrepreneurs

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Take Flight Entrepreneurs is a premier group that will allow you to learn from the creator and founder of Convene Communities. This will be an interactive group that will help you expand your thought process of how to succeed in business using the Convene Platform.

Group Information

Take Flight Entrepreneurs is a premier group that will allow you to learn from the creator and founder of Convene Communities. This will be an interactive group that will help you expand your thought process of how to succeed in business using the Convene Platform.  

To truly be successful using Convene Communities, you need to know and understand the 'Why' behind Convene Communities. Who else would you learn from that the creator and founder Matthew Currin. In this dynamic group you will learn:

-Why Convene was created 
-How Convene is structured to help you grow a thriving business
-Content Creation Strategies
-Community and group creation strategies
-How the money flows
-and more

This group will be filled with content. You will have access to group coaching call. (Groups will be limited to 8 members on a call so that you can receive the attention deserved). You will gain access to exclusive videos from Matthew Currin about concepts to help you grow a successful business. And most important you will be able to network with other business leader and entrepreneurs. 

About Matthew Currin

ZiYryhD0kzW0kUz914p4el6ETtxQe8tCpaWADqvE.pngMatthew Currin is a speaker, trainer, life coach, founder of Convene Communities, retired Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot, former helicopter EMS Pilot, Team Penske Helicopter Pilot and current Penske G280 pilot.

Matthew Currin is the president and founder of Convene Communities, LLC. Convene encompasses,, and the Convene Online Ecosystem.

Matthew was a leader of Marines as an Officer and Aviator.

As a Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot, Matt spent much of his time as an instructor. Matthew became a Weapons Tactics Instructor (WTI)- the highest qualification for a Marine Corps Aviator. This role helped inspire Matthew’s love of teaching and training those around him.

Operation Allied Force (Kosovo) (1999)
Flew the CH-46E and was hand selected to become one of the first fleet aviators to fly the V-22 Osprey.
Weapons Tactics Instructor (2000)
Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) (2001)
Matthew was a member of the first Marine forces in Afghanistan after 9/11 where he led initial missions for the US while fighting in “Operation Enduring Freedom.”
Retired From the USMC (2007)

While part of VMMT-204 he is credited with starting a transformational Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Risk and Resource Management (RRM) program for Marine Corps rotary-wing aviation for all rotary wing assault support aircraft programs. He developed integrated, cross-functional rotary-wing aviation capability requirements to support future strategic Marine Corps Warfighting concepts.

Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Podcaster, and Motivational Speaker

Matthew is an expert speaker/trainer on using scenario-based trainingg3HaTE31O4s4tCeI8h7i1rjSFcviLb5RrxyAc2V7.png

Decision Making and Crew Resource Management




Lessons Learned gained through Life Experience
Providing a real perspective on the importance of decision-making and ‘Sharing of Experience and Knowledge’
Lessons Learned From Experience

Matthew has experienced many lessons throughout the duration of his career, but there was one night in 2001 that ultimately changed his life and became the motivation for his life’s mission. During routine shipboard training off Marine Corps Air Station New River, NC, Matthew was the lead pilot of one of two CH-46E helicopters during training that night. Due to a ’12 second human error’ in the second aircraft, the helicopter impacted the water, killing three Marines, including Matthew’s good friend and combat air crewman.
Matthew would later learn that a similar mishap took place in a different training exercise a few years prior. Had knowledge from that experience been properly transferred after the first mishap, the 2001 training crash could have been prevented.

Matthew hosts the Convene Connections Podcast that explores how businesses can connect with their members, clients, and followers through collaboration and information sharing on the Convene platform.

Matthew was an AirCare Pilot in Helicopter EMS. When flying the EC-130 and EC-135 he worked in the Time Critical Decision Making Environment. He flew over 650+ patient flights where peoples lives were hanging in the balance. He practiced what he taught everyday. It was his responsibility as the ‘Pilot in Command’ to safely transport his crew and patient from ‘Scene to Facility’ or ‘Facility to Facility.’ Matthew and his crew were able to operate in a highly demanding environment day or night. Because of the these efforts many lives were saved.

Do you want to Be Coached by the Founder and Creator of Convene? 


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